Pool heating Málaga · Costa del Sol

We provide a reliable and friendly pool heating service in Malaga, supplying quality products at competitive prices.

Pool heating in Málaga · Costa del Sol

With a pool heater from Polar Air Conditioning in Malaga, you can have your swimming season all year round. In the coldest months you can maintain the optimum water temperature of your pool, so your family can enjoy a warm, enticing swim anytime.


Pool heat pump technology allows you to adjust the temperature of your swimming pool on-demand, to ensure that your swimming routine is never interrupted. Regardless of the weather, your swimming pool will be inviting and comfortable


Zodiac’s range of pool heaters are designed to suit a variety of pool sizes and climate conditions – so you can select the correct size and type to suit your individual requirements.


Each pool heater within the Zodiac range is an energy efficient inverter system and will heat your pool quickly and cost effectively. No matter what your budget, you can be rest assured that you will save on energy bills should you wish to exchange your old costly heat pump, with these cost-effective pool heaters - without ever having to compromise on performance.

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